Referral Program

So much of what we do at Kids Yoga Garden is superpowered by our amazing community of supporting families. To say thank you, we have created a rewards program to give back to you all. 

So how does it work? 
Simply refer a new family to Kids Yoga Garden, if they mention you on their registration form, we will add a half punch sticker to your existing punch pass. 

Do new families need to buy a pass to earn me a half day?
No, new families do not need to purchase a pass to qualify the referrer for a free half day. However, the new family must join for at least a full day to qualify. 

What if they only join for a half day?
One half day does not qualify for a referral, but don’t worry! We will keep track and if they join for a second half day you will still receive your referral reward. 

Do I need an active pass to earn referrals?
Yes, this is the best way we can keep track of the active members of Kids Yoga Garden.

Can I gift my referral bonuses?
No, we are sorry but referrals are for you and your family.

We hope this program will help us give back to those of you who have supported us over the years and make it easier for you to join us each week at a more affordable rate! 


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