Trainings & Workshops

Throughout the year Kids Yoga Garden hosts intensive workshops that help introduce techniques for teachers, yoga instructors and parents interested in bringing yoga to the children in their lives.

Yoga for children helps build confidence, encourage resiliency and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Currently, our offerings help delve in from a basic level and expand into more technical approaches, to teaching asana in a safe and developmentally appropriate manner.

Introductory Course

1. What is Yoga for children? 

Participants will learn the benefits of kids yoga and how to articulate those benefits to adults. We will learn ways to explain yoga to children and get tips on age appropriate development focuses.

2. How to a create safe and engaging learning environment: 

Learn techniques for classroom management, how to set the space and foster growth despite the busy atmosphere of a kindergarten / primary level classroom. How do we set expectations that create safety for all participants with freedom to be as one needs to be? This section of the course will deal directly with these questions.

3. Identify age appropriate yoga asanas (poses): 

Dive into the structure of poses and examine the language used to bring them to life for our students. We will discuss the kind of adjustment and modeling that is appropriate for these ages and start to think about the energetic and physical results of said movements.

4. Guiding mindfulness and meditation techniques: 

Learn to guide child-focused meditations and games which can help foster inner quiet and peace. Explore props and music that can be used to signal quiet times and reflection.

5. Creating Storytelling Yoga Lessons:

One of the most effective way to immerse children into a yoga class is by bringing them through a storyline or adventure. This section of the course will enable the discovery of the energetic arch of a class and begin to place asanas into an order that starts and begins with mindful moments for meaningful exploration. We will discuss themes, books and music that bring the imagination into the yoga class.

Teaching Kids Yoga

Upcoming Courses:

Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 5 pm w/ lunch break

May 1+2 2021

Investment: 5,500 thb

Early Bird Rate: 4,500 thb register by April 23, 2021

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be awarded certificates for the 16 hour course. Further opportunities like class shadowing lead teachers and additional workshops will follow. 

Advanced Course

1.  Crafting Storytelling Lessons:

Picking up from where the last course left off, the advanced course will make time for instruction, feedback and practice teaching sessions with students in order to create real lessons to use in the classrooms of your life. A workshop setting will allow a safe environment for you to test segments of your classes and receive constructive feedback for improvement and growth.

2.  Understanding and flowing with asana (yoga poses):

Learn to instruct asanas in a child-appropriate way while encouraging correct and safe alignment. We will delve deeper into the flavors of asana poses and start to place poses intelligently so that they fit into the energetic flow of a class. Participants will glean knowledge on how to build well-rounded and complete classes integrating all parts of the body.

3.  Integrate pranayama (breathing techniques): 

Turn advanced pranayama techniques into playful and engaging ways to cool down, restore energy, or focus in. In this segment of the course we will grasp the benefits of a breath practice and incorporate them in developmentally appropriate ways.

4.  Create community with partner yoga asanas:

Harmonize classes and bring participants together with poses that incorporate coordinated cooperation. Partner poses work seamlessly in family yoga classes and help foster respect in the environments you bring them into.

5. Teen Yoga Techniques
In this segment of the course we will tune into our inner teens to bring highly invigorating and deeply relaxing practices to those ages 13-18. Specifically, EFT tapping, yoga nidra, and body awareness activities will be the focus of this workshop.

Upcoming Course: 

March 6 + 7 2021

Investment: 5,500 thb

Early Bird Rate: 4,500 thb register by February 26, 2021

Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 5 pm w/ lunch break


Course Event

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be awarded certificates for the Advanced 16 hour course. Participants may schedule class shadowing and assisting opportunities at Kids Yoga Garden to follow. 


Leaves of the same vine

Feedback from our courses: 

“It helped clarify how to teach a yoga class and demystify how to teach yoga to kids. All in a very loving, warm and calm way. Rosalie has a very natural way of explaining and making participants feel comfortable which is very good and helpful.”

  • Marcela Geraldes, Brazil, founder of Zen Kidz

“In these two days we have gotten the essential knowledge to create and present our own lessons. It was a quite lot of theory to digest, but it was well cut into pieces. I was happy that it wasn’t set up too childish because I’m quite down to earth. The fact that the group was small made it that there was a lot of space for interaction and questions.  Of course an intensive workshop of 16 hours doesn’t make you a kids yoga teacher (neither the 95 hours course will do), but it has given me the essential basics to start.”

  • Rene Smit, Belgium, certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Arial enthusiast

“For anyone who is interested, I took this course with Rosalie last year and found it to be well structured, practically applicable and fun! Rosalie brings all of her personal experience to the table, cultivates an open group dynamic and really helps you dive into your inner child so you can better connect with how to teach the kiddos. You will leave the course with the tools and understanding you need to start teaching kids, whether at home or at school, and maybe even learn how to deepen your own practice, too. 🌸”

  • Madison Wigley, USA, teacher and yogi

“It’s a really structural 2 day course. I like the sequence of teaching, inclusion of props and the music used. I also like the the relaxed, no stress environment for the workshop that arouses interest to teach yoga to kids.”

  • Liye Chan, Hong Kong, certified Hatha, Arial, Restorative and Kids Yoga Teacher