Founded in 2016 by a team of teachers, artists, yogis and foodies– Kids Yoga Garden lives to create a multicultural meeting place centered around experiential learning in English. Our activities are child-centric and offer playful ways develop your child’s senses. Each activity is a blend of subjects that makes participation active and engaging.

From after school programs, to weekend camp, to bi-weekly home school meet-ups, summer camps and private events, Kids Yoga Garden strives to bring creativity and laughter into early childhood learning.

When we nurture creativity, we nurture the possibility of creative problem solvers to interact with the challenges facing the next generation.



Yoga: Kid’s yoga doesn’t always look, sound or feel the same way adult yoga does– but that’s why we love it. Our classes are full of songs, storytelling, mantras and games that engage the child’s audio, visual and kinesthetic senses and build fine and gross motor skills.  (Read more about the benefits of kid’s yoga here).

Art: Our art classes offer kids an introduction to shapes, geometry, the science of mixing and utilize recyclable materials whenever possible. Each week we will explore new themes and materials to inspire our inner artist and expand our concentration.

Cooking: Nutrition, self-sufficiency and tactile engagement promote vocabulary growth, math practice and even scientific discovery. We try to keep these activities as healthy and organic as possible, but we do love cupcakes too.

Music: Small group music helps us develop rhythm, timing and expressiveness.

Drama/ Storytelling: The stories we tell cross borders of nations, cultures and race. When we learn to tell a story, we learn to interact with our world and express it with pen or voice. Join us for reading, listening, acting and participating in the creation of stories.


+ Each activity is led by 2 instructors and has a cap of 10 students to ensure each child’s needs are met. 

+ Activities will be split into age groups when possible: ages 3-5 , 6-10.